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Bridging the UK's Digital Skills Gap

Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence


Every Generation Needs a Revolution




The digital-age shows no sign of slowing down and the need for digital skills has never been greater.

We at Bayezian are doing something rather unique and valuable... we retain, train and develop exceptional young people to accelerate their career in Data Science and Machine Learning to bridge the skills gap in your data projects.

Digital is a leveller. It is the skilled data wranglers at the bottom of the pyramid that enable execution and drive success in your data projects.  

Join the Revolution!

"63 per cent of UK organisations are currently experiencing a skills shortage, up slightly from 62 per cent in 2018" The Open University Business Barometer 2019




Fixing the Pyramid

We recognised that our customers are best placed to set strategy, define outcomes, run programmes and engage stakeholders. 

Bayezian bridges the gap in resources at the base of the pyramid where it's most needed providing skilled data experts that free up your valued talent to deliver on your data projects and outcomes.

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Focused Expertise

Our  Data Science Engineers ​wrangle data, fill data pipelines, validate ML models and document and test. 


They code in Python & R and have experience in platforms and data management technologies & tools.


The team is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds with knowledge in advanced mathematics often with STEM degrees and  complimentary experience supported through our unique peer support approach that reduces management overhead.

Incubating Ideas

Through the Bayezian Incubator we provide the foundations that shapes the next generation of leaders and innovators bringing industry ideas and solutions that change tomorrow.



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If you're a junior in data science, a STEM graduate or have a passion for math...

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